Come on in, take a seat.

I would love to get to know you better.

photo credit: Alena Bakutis Photography


      I am Kristie. Honestly getting to know you is my favorite part of photographing memories and taking a glimpse into the love and lives that surround me.     As for me, I prefer to be behind the camera.  Not because I feel like hiding, by any means, but rather I love to see and learn.  Photography came into my life at a very young age.  I had my head and my lens in the clouds then, daydreaming.  That was when of course I had more rolls of film than money to develop them.  It is funny though, that I had a camera in my hand almost my entire life.  It took some prayer and a dream though to literally wake me up and say "Hey, you can do what you LOVE!" Fast forward almost 10 years and boom here I am.  Talking with you! 

     I have had the beautiful opportunity to professionally capture the love, life and light around me for almost a decade.  Oh my, let's not say that aloud again.  I am feeling absolutely all of my 36 years.  I enjoy working in studio but I am much more on location these days.  The sun and the beautiful sky are my soft box and light source. I do love the ability and flexibility to shape and chase the light with other equipment too, so I definitely do not try to fit my vision into just a time of day or style.  That's the beauty of photography I feel like.  People ask me about my style or how to describe what I do.  I hope they will see LIFE.  Moments not just posed,  but overflowing with the spirit, love, laughter and cherished expressions of those that mean the most to you.  I hope your experience, though it will be guided and include some posing, will feel like an adventure or even a date.  My goal is for you to capture images that will bring joy and laughter to your family for generations, but also reveal to you just how beautiful you are, and how fortunate you are exactly where you are at in this season of your life, with your loved ones.  I want your heart to smile.  

     I did kind of head down a rabbit hole.  See, I told you I love people, and your session is really all about YOU!  But just in case you don't feel like I have told you enough about me...I will share a little more.  I am a mom of teens!  Haley and Ty.  There are just two of them, luckily I am not outnumbered at the moment.  I have an awesome husband, Jeff.  He is everything I prayed for and everything I never knew I needed.  It's funny how that happens.  Somehow he manages to be just like my Daddy in so many ways.  I love that, because I am a Daddy's girl too. We also have two fur babies.  They are as much apart of this family as any of us old humans.  I love hot chocolate coffee, fuzzy socks, and wood burning fire places.  I am that girl who will completely turn up the AC to be able to make a fire in the summertime.  I love photography and art, which I imagine is mostly why you are here.  However, I do love a good book and could completely see myself living in library or boat...oddly.  Not that books and water mix well. I do love the serenity of just sitting next to the water.  The most important thing about me though by far, is my faith.  It defines everything I believe and every thing I hold dear to me.  It has made me better, and saved me from myself.  It has helped me love people, and see things in such beautiful ways.  If I could be anything other than a photographer, I would be an architect,  an architect of people.  I hope I am that now in a sense too.  There is so much stuff in the world to distract, I definitely purpose myself to build and edify, and sow into the lives around me.  Hopefully I will have that opportunity to sow into yours and your family too.  

Thank you so much for taking a moment or THREE to get to know me.  I know I can be thorough at times.  But really my job is about relationships I build getting to know YOU, not just the images I am so blessed to create.  I want to capture not just your smile but the essence of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  I want it to empower you and maybe you will even see life for the little details that bless me each day.  


"She sees the world not through rose colored lenses, but with an intense expectation to see beauty where others take it for granted."  -Kristie Eiland

"She sees the world not through rose colored lenses, but with an intense expectation to see beauty where others take it for granted."  -Kristie Eiland