Kristie Eiland

Who is the woman behind the lens? 

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Thank you for stopping by for a glimpse into who I am.  

For starters, I love God.  I believe in Jesus and what He has done for me.   There is no getting around is the most important thing to me and about me.  His love defines me and guides me.  In turn, it has given me such a passion and love for people.  

 I am a wife.  I am a mother. Next to God, my family is the most important thing in my life.  I speak of them often, as they are such a big inspiration to me.  They have added to my life in such a way...I am forever indebted to them in LOVE.  They teach me daily as we grow.  We also have 3 furry babies that are just as much a part of our family as any of us old humans.  

I have a passion for photography and art,   which I hope has lead you here.  I have had a camera in my hand most of my life.  Honestly, growing up, I had more film rolls to develop than I had money to develop them.  What is funny though, is that I honestly never thought about a career in photography until one night I literally had a dream.  That was in October of 2008.  I turned in my two weeks notice to my employer the next day, and with the support of my husband and family,  photography has been an integral part of my life everyday since.  

My professional portrait career started as I managed Sears Portrait Studios.  It hasn't stopped there.  I stayed with Sears Portrait Studios for almost two years, before returning to school to continue my education and begin to build my own brand as a self employed photographer.  I graduated with an AA in Art in 2013.  My professors Tammy Marinuzzi, Pavel Amromin,  Eva Champagne,  and administrator Sharon McBride forever impacted my life both personally and professionally as they poured into me, pushing me beyond my comfort zones.  

In 2013 I was also awarded (3) Gold and (1) Silver ADDY Awards which included Best of Show in the Student Division for the Panama City Chapter of the American Advertising Federation.  

It has been my pleasure to capture so many smiles, love and emotions these last 9 years.  I have been so blessed to watch families grow, children explore life through countless milestones, young people embark on the brink of adulthood, unions where two beautiful people merged their lives and souls as one, as well as express myself artistically all through the scope of my lens.  It has brought me joy, moved me to tears, and filled my heart with love.  

Thank you so much for allowing me to being apart of that.  I am so humbly grateful.  I don't take it lightly.  Thank you for allowing me to help your most treasured moments to continue to bring joy for generations to come.  

I see life, not through a rose colored lens, but with an intense expectation to find beauty where the rest of the world takes it for granted.
— Kristie Eiland